Reminder – Assignment submission

This is to remind you guys regarding the submission of the assignments on the 23rd October 2017. Kindly be reminded that there will no marks at all for the late submission. I’ve warned earlier.

Again, if you wanna print your assignment, you can contact the person below…



ACC2231 – Financial Accounting II Group assignment

Assalamualaikum boys and girls,

As promised, your group assignment is now ready to be downloaded. Just click the link below and start cracking. Remember, the group should consist a minimum 2 person to a maximum of 4 person. The deadline is set at 23 October 2017 at 1700hrs. Preferably type. Learn to use spreadsheets and you’ll be fine. Its for you and not for me….

Before that….let’s hear some songs….


FA2 Assignments – Sem120172018

In case you need help in ‘doing’ your assignment or printing them, you might call this number for help. They are willing to assist you. Thank you