Reminder – Assignment submission

This is to remind you guys regarding the submission of the assignments on the 23rd October 2017. Kindly be reminded that there will no marks at all for the late submission. I’ve warned earlier.

Again, if you wanna print your assignment, you can contact the person below…



First, Final and Barr….

Alhamdulillah, what a day!

I have just finished doing what I should be doing long time ago….Barring students from the exam. Those students deserved to be treated like that because they showed no interest in studying. So why bother? And they even don’t have the courtesy to meet me and discuss about it. So be it…. At least I have less paper to mark. That’s the blessing. So thanks guys ad gals. And this song is for you….hahahaha


There are also few students who are in their waiting list to be barred, and I can’t wait to do that. I’m really looking forward to do that, can’t wait for this week to be over and next week, these students will be joining the above group. Non-interest group, shall I say like that? Final warning letter will be on its way.

ACC1231 – few

BUS1233 – many

so this Tunggu Sekejap song is for you…. You just wait. Hahahaha

Finally, many students are in the waiting list for their first warning letter. Well,chill,but things can happen anyway…Good luck!



























ACC2231 – Error and Suspense Account (Exercise 3)

See? I think that’s enough for now….

Examples Correcting journal entries
A credit sale of $150 to Mr. Chan has been omitted from his account.  
A sale to C. Lee for $250 was correctly entered in the sales book but entered in C. Lee’s account as $520.  
A credit sale of $100 has been credited to H. Cheung’s account  
Sales day book was overcast by $200  
Sales account was undercast by $40  
The total of the sales account of $1,500 has been omitted from the trial balance  
The total of the sales account of $1,500 has been extracted as $1,200 in the trial balance.  
The total of the sales account of $1,500 has been extracted to the debit column of the trial balance