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What is accounts receivables?

Accounts receivables.

Accounts receivables is the money that the business has the right to receive it after the business had provided the other party either goods or services. The accounts receivables are also known as trade debtors where the business engages the activity of selling its goods or services to its customers on credit.

The sales made by cash or by cheque is simple. We just give our customer the goods and we receive money, either cash or cheque. But, when we deal with our customer, asking them to buy or to promote them to buy and we offer them a credit, where they take the goods first and then they will settle the payment later or at a agreed specified date. If this is the case, then we’re having a credit sales. Now, we have persons who owe us money.

A credit sales will eventually creates an account. An account that we are able to receive. That is why we call the person who owe us money an account receivables or a trade debtor. A debtor that comes from a trade activity. it falls under an asset category, specifically under a current asset category. Why? Because this accounts receivable is the person who us money, so, that is our money, they are holding our money. We see them walking around, we see our money in them. That’s is why accounts receivables is an asset.

What is the difference between a person who owe us money but not from the trading transaction?

A person who us money for some other reasons besides trading is known as debtors or we can put them as our sundry debtors. For example, Jack approached us to borrow some money. Since we don’t have some money in our pocket, we decided to lend him some from the business money. So you took some cash from the business and gave it to him. (Please don’t do this, it is not ethical!). Here, you have to record a transaction for the money you took just now from the business. Jack will be our sundry debtors, not an accounts receivables because he didn’t do any trading with us neither buy or sell. So, Jack will be classified under current asset specifically as sundry debtor.

The above concept can also be applied to accounts payable. Just think of the opposite. Okay?


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Introduction to Accounting for CBA1133, ACC1231, DOM2234 and BUACC1507

Assalamualaikum and dear students,


Before we proceed even further into the subject, I want you guys to browse through the internet and read something about accounting. This will give you some ideas on the  accounting journey that we going to embark for the next couple of months. I also pinned us some simple introduction videos regarding accounting. The rest I am still working on it.

I will try my best to make this subject interesting and of course with the help of you guys, this subject will be even great.

Enjoy this video and we shall discuss further in class…

Welcome CBA1133, ACC1231, DOM2234 and BUACC1507 students

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my class for the above subjects. First of all, let me lay down some rules and what the do’s and don’ts  for the class.


  1. Come to class.
  2. Be punctual.
  3. Mobile phones should always be in silent mode.
  4. Always bring your accounting book/manual to class.
  5. Every students’ should own a calculator (real calculator).
  6. Give full attention to the lectures.
  7. Sleep if you feel to sleep.
  8. Attempt or sit for exercises,quizzes or assignment on specified date.
  9. Submit any work given on time.


  1. Absent without valid reasons.
  2. Late to class.
  3. Browsing, texting and talking on the phone during lecture time.
  4. Sharing books is not recommended.
  5. Using mobile phone as calculator.
  6. Chit chatting/discussion with friends during the lecture.
  7. Sleepwalking.
  8. Absent for the exercises, quizzes or assignment without valid reasons.
  9. Late submission of exercises, quizzes or assignment.

I welcome for students who wish to bring drinks or snacks to the lecturer ….hahaha

Please regularly check the blog as I will be posting some notes, exercises, assignments etc. Look at this sign Potential marks ♥♥♥♥♥ coz this will contribute to the marks when we discuss or when you you submit whatever is being required.