ACC1231 & BUS1233 – Revision – Cashbook

Attempt this one first….others coming…

Road to Final

Good luck


They think they are great…

I have a great experience today when I faced students who didn’t have the heart to study. This is not the first time that I came across with this kind of attitude. I lost count.

Students nowadays don’t have the urge to improve themselves. So many things have been done to attract them to like the subject and I think it is not my fault if the students don’t like the subject. So here maybe are some of the reasons…

  1. They don’t like to study.
  2. They don’t like the subject.
  3. They don’t like the lecturer.
  4. They don’t like the class environment.
  5. They don’t like their friends around them.
  6. They don’t like the college.
  7. They don’t like being handed exercises, quizzes or assignment.
  8. They don’t like their parents.
  9. They don’t like themselves.

In my opinion, I think the students choose No 9 which they don’t like themselves. They hate being themselves. Why did I say that? It is because they don’t care about themselves and they don’t even care about their parents and worst maybe they don’t even care what their religion asked them to be. Talk about respect, none exist!

If the students love themselves, taking care of ownself is sufficient. So what the students should do? For me just be positive. Positive people do positive things. Start with a simple du’a asking from Allah.

Rule of thumb for a student is to do whatever the lecturer/teacher ask them to do. Is that simple. If they don’t want to follow instructions especially relating to their studies, then why must they call themselves as students?  This is something that my mind can’t compute not even digest.

Well, if I write this like 3 to 5 pages, or maybe 100 pages, still… just a waste of my time…. So that’s it, see you guys later or see you when I see you or if I choose to see you. Adios  Amigos!hit own head

ACC1231 (Compulsory) & BUS1233 (for those who wants to study)

As attached, again I posted an exercises for you guys to do. Actually, I’m forcing myself to post as I was asked by some students who really want to study and succeed.

Ok, here is the deal. As for ACC1231, this is compulsory as this is your life…. As for BUS1233, this exercise is just for you to read and watch. If you attempted to this question, it means that you know what you are doing as you know the value of an education. It may sound a little bit sarcastic, but this is reality.

As for selected few BUS1233 students, be serious and don’t waste my time. Up to you….

EXERCISE for those who really wants to study…







First, Final and Barr….

Alhamdulillah, what a day!

I have just finished doing what I should be doing long time ago….Barring students from the exam. Those students deserved to be treated like that because they showed no interest in studying. So why bother? And they even don’t have the courtesy to meet me and discuss about it. So be it…. At least I have less paper to mark. That’s the blessing. So thanks guys ad gals. And this song is for you….hahahaha


There are also few students who are in their waiting list to be barred, and I can’t wait to do that. I’m really looking forward to do that, can’t wait for this week to be over and next week, these students will be joining the above group. Non-interest group, shall I say like that? Final warning letter will be on its way.

ACC1231 – few

BUS1233 – many

so this Tunggu Sekejap song is for you…. You just wait. Hahahaha

Finally, many students are in the waiting list for their first warning letter. Well,chill,but things can happen anyway…Good luck!



























ACC2231 – Error and Suspense Account (Exercise 3)

See? I think that’s enough for now….

Examples Correcting journal entries
A credit sale of $150 to Mr. Chan has been omitted from his account.  
A sale to C. Lee for $250 was correctly entered in the sales book but entered in C. Lee’s account as $520.  
A credit sale of $100 has been credited to H. Cheung’s account  
Sales day book was overcast by $200  
Sales account was undercast by $40  
The total of the sales account of $1,500 has been omitted from the trial balance  
The total of the sales account of $1,500 has been extracted as $1,200 in the trial balance.  
The total of the sales account of $1,500 has been extracted to the debit column of the trial balance