Food for thought….

Alhamdulillah, as I walked into the class, I saw a small plastic on the table which I thought it was a rubbish that was left on the table before the students went back for holidays. My negative assumption vanished when I realised that, there were three pieces of kuih that I didn’t know its name was wrapped in the plastics. I knew, the kuih were given by my students. This is not the first time. I received many gifts from students, sometimes kuih, biscuits, a can of red bull, coffee or even starbucks!

I’m not asking all of these, but the sense of giving is what I admired most. Of course I like to receive presents. Everybody like to have one. Alhamdulillah, I’ve been chosen to be one of the recipient. I must say, my students are good, they value the knowledge given and they know that the contribution they are making towards their parents, lecturers and doing good to other people will somehow be rewarded by Allah swt. Everyday, I always thinking of new ways on how to teach my students, attract them to like my subject, even if I sort of punish them for not doing their assignments of homework, still, my responsibility is to EDUCATE.. Again, I wish to thank my students who always supporting me, giving e small presents (mostly drinks). I pray for my students to be success in their life.

I’m not writing this to ask more but I’m writing this just to tell that there is still good people out there…..


Adab belajar


👱🏻 Ahmad : Kenapa anta belajar sikit tapi dapat result gempak ?

👳🏻‍♀ Mahmud : Sebab ana jaga adab dalam belajar kerana di situ terdapat keberkatan.

👱🏻 Ahmad : Keberkatan tu apa ?

👳🏻‍♀ Mahmud : Keberkatan tu “ziadatul khair” (زيادة الخير), “bertambah kebaikan”. Kita buat sikit tapi dapat banyak.

👱🏻 Ahmad : Bagaimana nak dapat keberkatan?

👳🏻‍♀ Mahmud : Antara benda yang sangat perlu dijaga adalah adab kita dengan guru. Ana tengok ada yang bercakap-cakap ketika guru sedang belajar, ada yang bergelak ketawa, buat bising, ada yang main telefon, ada yang tidur, tak fokus pada guru ketika dia sedang mengajar. Bagi ana kalau nak buat semua tu sebab dah terdesak sangat, jangan buat depan2 guru kerana itu menunjukkan kita tak beradab dengan guru dan boleh menyebabkan guru kecil hati.

Tak datang kelas atas sebab yang tak munasabah pun salah satu perkara yang menunjukkan kurangnya adab terhadap guru. Bagaimana mungkin guru boleh datang ke kelas semata-mata untuk mengajar kita tapi kita tak datang dengan alasan : “Alaa silibus dah habis, sekarang ni revision je, baik aku study kat rumah”. Nampak di situ, dia boleh buat tak layan guru tu datang ke kelas untuk mengajar dia.

📣Kata Imam As-Syafie :

“Sesiapa yang ingin dibukakan hatinya oleh Allah, maka hendaklah dia berkhalwah, sedikit makan, menjauhi daripada bergaul dengan orang yang bodoh, dan membenci orang yang tidak berlaku adil dan tidak beradab daripada kalangan mereka yang berilmu.” (Kitab Majmuk, Syarah Mazhab Jilid 1)

Ada seorang ulama ni, dia belajar banyak tapi ilmu tu tak masuk2 tapi dia sangat jaga adab dia dengan gurunya. Satu ketika, gurunya tiada dan gurunya menyuruh ulama ni menggantikan tempatnya. Ulama ni pun risau, dia langsung tak tau apa-apa. Jadi dia pun bertawakkal dan tiba2 dia dapat mengajar ilmu itu sepertimana yang gurunya ajarkan kepadanya.

Hilangnya keberkatan ilmu ataupun hilangnya kesan ilmu adalah kerana tidak menjaga adab daripada ilmu. Ada orang boleh menghafal semua kitab, boleh menghafal semua ilmu tetapi kemungkinan kesan daripada ilmu tadi tiada dalam hidup dia ataupun ilmu tadi tak boleh nak datangkan kemanfaatan pada dirinya, mungkin kerana hilangnya adab.

Ulama terdahulu mempelajari adab sebelum mempelajari ilmu. Mereka menjaga adab walau sekecil-kecil adab.

📣Imam As-Syafie berkata :

“Aku membelek kertas di hadapan Imam Malik perlahan-lahan kerana menghormatinya supaya dia tidak terdengar (bunyi belekan kertas tersebut)”

📣Kata Imam Az-Zarnuji :

“تعلّمت الأدب عشرين سنة وتعلّمت العلم عشرة سنة”

“Aku mempelajari adab menuntut ilmu selama 20 tahun dan mempelajari ilmu selama 10 tahun”
(Kitab Ta’limul Muta’allim)

BUS1233 (Section 2) – Good Luck!

Again and again…. I guess the students nowadays don’t have the heart to study. I prepared exercises, quizzes, questions for them having less of my sleeping time thinking of how they would tactically answer their final exam. I really don’t know what to say and what to tell them anymore. Punishment? Let them have it for their exam result….

Good luck! Adios!


Same goes to other classes… Try me!


They think they are great…

I have a great experience today when I faced students who didn’t have the heart to study. This is not the first time that I came across with this kind of attitude. I lost count.

Students nowadays don’t have the urge to improve themselves. So many things have been done to attract them to like the subject and I think it is not my fault if the students don’t like the subject. So here maybe are some of the reasons…

  1. They don’t like to study.
  2. They don’t like the subject.
  3. They don’t like the lecturer.
  4. They don’t like the class environment.
  5. They don’t like their friends around them.
  6. They don’t like the college.
  7. They don’t like being handed exercises, quizzes or assignment.
  8. They don’t like their parents.
  9. They don’t like themselves.

In my opinion, I think the students choose No 9 which they don’t like themselves. They hate being themselves. Why did I say that? It is because they don’t care about themselves and they don’t even care about their parents and worst maybe they don’t even care what their religion asked them to be. Talk about respect, none exist!

If the students love themselves, taking care of ownself is sufficient. So what the students should do? For me just be positive. Positive people do positive things. Start with a simple du’a asking from Allah.

Rule of thumb for a student is to do whatever the lecturer/teacher ask them to do. Is that simple. If they don’t want to follow instructions especially relating to their studies, then why must they call themselves as students?  This is something that my mind can’t compute not even digest.

Well, if I write this like 3 to 5 pages, or maybe 100 pages, still… just a waste of my time…. So that’s it, see you guys later or see you when I see you or if I choose to see you. Adios  Amigos!hit own head

First, Final and Barr….

Alhamdulillah, what a day!

I have just finished doing what I should be doing long time ago….Barring students from the exam. Those students deserved to be treated like that because they showed no interest in studying. So why bother? And they even don’t have the courtesy to meet me and discuss about it. So be it…. At least I have less paper to mark. That’s the blessing. So thanks guys ad gals. And this song is for you….hahahaha


There are also few students who are in their waiting list to be barred, and I can’t wait to do that. I’m really looking forward to do that, can’t wait for this week to be over and next week, these students will be joining the above group. Non-interest group, shall I say like that? Final warning letter will be on its way.

ACC1231 – few

BUS1233 – many

so this Tunggu Sekejap song is for you…. You just wait. Hahahaha

Finally, many students are in the waiting list for their first warning letter. Well,chill,but things can happen anyway…Good luck!



























They have to move….


This picture was taken in 2015 in one of the supermarket in Gombak. Somehow it attracted me to snap this picture because the way the notification was made tickles me. Even though we understood the signage /notification telling us where to find these items but i put myself being those items. Just imagine, if I was an onion, you were a potato and some of our friends were the anchovies…then this sign made us sad. We had to leave our current place and move to a new new place, joining the vegetable colonies. See? So, like refugees walking in one line….sad.

Ok, just sharing.

Ok enjoy this…