Revision Time – SOCI/SOFP Level 2

This maybe the last exercises for the above topic as I will be giving you a quiz for this chapter. Just practice and remember to DOWNLOAD this and we shall discuss this in class.

Titian Sirat – Final Accounts

Titian Sirat - Final Accounts


BUS2231 – Partnership Account – Exercise


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Lagu Kita – Exercise

DOM2234/CBA1133 Group Assignment



This is the extension from the previous assignment. Do watch carefully at the very end of this video as you will know what to do. We have covered everything in our syllabus and now it is the time you prove to me that you could do it. Remember, the submission date remains. Failure to comply will result your assignment to be in a trash can.


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Revision time – SOCI/SOFP (Level 1)

Again…. for those who really wants to study. You can print this and attempt this exercise.

Dr Cr
Sales and Purchases            61,900          287,600
Returns               1,750               1,010
Carriage inwards               2,500
Inventory 1.1.18            10,400
Equity 1.1.18          150,000
Salary            52,000
Rental            15,000               6,000
Interest               2,200               1,480
Stationery               2,750
Utilities               8,800
Insurance               1,520
Bad debt               2,400
Advertising               8,550
Premises          200,000
Furniture and fittings            15,000
Machinery            30,000
Receivables and payables            35,400               8,730
Bank               4,500
Cash                  150
         454,820          454,820

Additional notes,

Closing inventory as at 31.12.2018 is RM12,350
Depreciation for machine is to be provided at 20% using straight line method
The owner took RM100 on a weekly basis throughout the year from the bank

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Revision Time – SOCI/SOFP

Below is an exercise regarding the SOCI and SOFP. This in only an entry level, there will be to come as you can use this as your warm-up session.

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Dr Cr
Sales and Purchases            61,200          294,600
Returns               1,350               1,030
Carriage inwards               2,500
Inventory 1.1.18            10,400
Equity 1.1.18          100,000
Salary            48,000
Rental            15,000               6,000
Interest               2,200               1,800
Stationery               1,750
Utilities               3,200
Insurance               1,520
Bad debt               2,400
Premises          200,000
Machinery            30,000
Receivables and payables            35,400               8,640
Bank               3,000
Cash                  150
         415,070          415,070

To be continued….

Depreciation – Exercises

Just to make sure that you know….

Question 1

Why we need to depreciate?


Question 2

What are the factors that cause the depreciation?


Question 3

An asset costing RM98,000 which was acquired in January 2015 was sold at the price of RM67,600 cash on November 2018. The annual depreciation rate for the said asset was 20% using a straight line method.

You are required to prepare asset a/c, depreciation a/c, accumulated depreciation a/c, disposal a/c.  You are also required to extract SOCI and SOFP for the year ending December 2017 and 2018.