SOCI and SOFP exercise for DOM2234 and CBA1133

Here is an exercise for you to do SOCI and SOFP. Practice makes perfect!

Trial Balance
As at 31 December 2018
Dr Cr
Sales and Purchases     1,680,300     4,520,000
Returns          16,300          12,740
Land and building     1,420,000
Machinery        140,000
Motor vehicle        260,000
Office equipment          26,000
Opening inventory          49,260
Cash at bank        125,700
Cash in hand          14,290
Receivables and Payables        343,800          89,300
Accruals and Prepayment          27,730          14,100
Sundry debtorr and creditors             1,550                600
Term loan        120,000
Rental        120,000          18,000
Salary and wages        180,000
Electricity and water          21,340
Printing and stationeries             1,820
Transportation charges          14,400
Interest             6,560                340
Commission          12,000             2,000
Discounts          18,400             4,600
Entertainment          17,100
Advertisement          31,600
Telephone and internet             9,080
Insurance          10,300
Bad Debt          37,550
Maintenance – building        153,000
Mainenance – Motor vehicle          19,400
Maintenance – machinery             9,700
Drawings          14,500
    4,781,680     4,781,680
Closing inventory as at 31 December 2018 is RM52,360                   –








or else you can download it here Trial Balance exe1


Group Assignment – Financial Accounting II – BUS2231


Assalamualaikum and dear guys and gals.

Finally, the wait is over. The assignment that you all have been wanting for so long has now arrived. You may download them and work in a group of 3-4 person per group. The dateline for the assignment submission is on 5th March 2018 at 1500hrs. Any late submission will not be entertained.

Group Assignment – Hang Affairs

Good luck!


Junior Apprentice – Section1 – USR2004

Assalamualaikum and dear students,

There will be no class tomorrow (19th January 2018) as all of you are tired after giving all your best during our Jumbo Sales. Congratulations and thank you for the commitment and may all the hardwork you have put be rewarded by Allah swt. All are done for  a charity.

So, just relax and prepare for the report submission.