Certified Healthcare Facility Manager – Medivest – Batch 2 – Final Assessment

Dear friends,

Here are some tips regarding your final assessment. There will be 2 sections.

Section A : 10 questions (20 marks)

Areas covered: Classification of assets, liabilities and equity. Equity calculation. Types of costs.Inventory evaluation. Break-even point. Tax and income tax. Audit. Financial management and ratios.

Section B : 5 questions (Answer 3 only)

Q1 – Financial Accounting (20m)

You need to know about equity calculation. Accounting information and depreciation .

Q2 – Management Accounting (20m)

Read about Break-even point, EOQ and something about the management accounting itself.

Q3 – Financial Management (20m)

Ratio analysis, time value of money and some investment calculation.

Q4 – Taxation (20m)

Resident status, badges of trade and Malaysia tax system.

Q5 – Auditing (20m)

Type s of audit, the internal and external auditor and also audit situation.

So good luck! Hope to see you at 10am.

Go Medivest!


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