Control Accounts – Exercise

The following information relates to the general ledger of Rita Enterprise for the month of March 2013:


Balances at 1 March 2013 RM
Sales Ledger Control Account 19,744
Purchase Ledger Control Account 12,936
Transactions for the month of March 2013:  
Cash paid to suppliers (suppliers on credit) 9,058
Interest charged to customers 144
Cash received from customers (customers on credit) 12,488
Bad debts written off 444
Credit purchases 10,712
Purchases returns 480
Freight charged to debtors 192
Discount allowed 270
Discount received from suppliers 188
Credit sales 9,134
Interest charged by creditors 88
Dishonoured cheque returned to customers 296
Sales returns 256
Cash sales 16,864
Cash purchases 1,380
Balances in sales ledger set off against credit balances in purchases ledger 152
Cash refunded to debtors 72


Prepare the sales and purchase ledger control accounts using the relevant information above.


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