Welcome ACC1231, ACC2231, ACC2232 and BUSS1233 students

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my class for the above subjects. First of all, let me lay down some rules and what the do’s and don’ts  for the class.


  1. Come to class.
  2. Be punctual.
  3. Mobile phones should always be in silent mode.
  4. Always bring your accounting book/manual to class.
  5. Every students’ should own a calculator (real calculator).
  6. Give full attention to the lectures.
  7. Sleep if you feel to sleep.
  8. Attempt or sit for exercises,quizzes or assignment on specified date.
  9. Submit any work given on time.


  1. Absent without valid reasons.
  2. Late to class.
  3. Browsing, texting and talking on the phone during lecture time.
  4. Sharing books is not recommended.
  5. Using mobile phone as calculator.
  6. Chit chatting/discussion with friends during the lecture.
  7. Sleepwalking.
  8. Absent for the exercises, quizzes or assignment without valid reasons.
  9. Late submission of exercises, quizzes or assignment.

I welcome for students who wish to bring drinks or snacks to the lecturer ….hahaha

Please regularly check the blog as I will be posting some notes, exercises, assignments etc. Look at this sign Potential marks ♥♥♥♥♥ coz this will contribute to the marks when we discuss or when you you submit whatever is being required.




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