I’ve been away for quite some time due to my adjustment at my new workplace. Now I’m serving the International Islamic College as a normal lecturer, a place where I started my career as an educator in 2004. Below are my summary during my absence from the cyber activities;
 Transfer to International Islamic College from IIUM Centre for Continuing Education
I found myself a bit awkward during my transition to my old place. My transfer to IIC was originally a lateral transfer which my position remains a status quo. Although it was not as what I expected to be but I remained calm until the Human Resource people failed to persuade me to stay on with the given position. They prefer me to do collections and review some current policies to enhance the finance operation. But the task given was short lived when there was an opening in the lecturing position. Hahahahaha~!
Teaching the Bachelor students in Johor Bahru for EBBM program
This task is from ICCE where I have committed before the transfer. Other than busy preparing the slides for the lectures, I was busy with the preparation of the final exam questions. Commuting from KL to JB as a night spent at budget hotel was an amazing experience I had. Truthfully, I enjoyed every moment of it. Moreover, I had the chance to visit JPO as one of my agenda.
Teaching Bachelor of Entrepreneur in the collaboration program between IIC and University of Ballarat, Australia
One of the main reason of IIC move was because of the Ballarat program. Thanks to the CEO of IIC who approved my transfer and I started to teach Accounting and Business Decision subject for a group of students in the program. I had to develop my own module, slides and everything because the program is new. So I had to work from scratch and alhamdulillah I managed to get through it. So tomorrow is the first exam day for this program and I wish my students all the best of luck!
Accommodating the need for an independent study for a student for Management Accounting subject
This is special. ICCE has assigned me to teach a student for Management Accounting. They called it independent study where the student had to make appointment for me to coach her at my own sweet time. So, I spent about 4-7 hours a week to accommodate the request. Alhamdulillah, again, she managed to pass the paper. For me, even my life has been up side down, most importantly she did made me proud.
FACT development and direction
The direction and development of FACT are something that make my skull cracks and my brain boiling. Because this is my retirement plan but slowly I’m charting its path and never stop creating potential business. One of the business was the Basic Make up class. Potential and will do it again in the near future. For those who are out there needing extra knowledge and skills, FACT is willing to assist.
ThreeGenies Inspiration development (3Gs)
Another entity introduced focusing on the muffin business as for now. The market looks good on this and now the business is thinking to acquire a bigger oven to accommodate the demand. 3Gs is not making the muffin on a daily basis, but serving focus to parties, large catering and special events. 3Gs is now working on its business canvas model to clearly see the potential of the business and moves forward.
Knowledge enhancement
Right now at this very moment, I’m upgrading my knowledge by taking online courses from University of Maryland through the internet. You guys can also participate in this knowledge program called Coursera.
Attending personal matters
Hmmm…personal matters…huh! A lot!!! I already forgot what to write on this press time. All I knew, one of them is the sweetest gift I had as a present for me. That was my daughter’s PMR result. Awesome with 8 straight As! Alhamdulillah….. Others, hmmm…..still forgot!!!!
I will be back with more news and latest information. Below are something to share.

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