Managerial Accounting Class

Just arrived from Johor Bahru attending Managerial Accounting class. The class was held in Malaysia Productivity Corporation, Bandar Baru Uda, Johor Bahru. It was good and the class was going well. Before this, I have not stood up lecturing for 4 hours straight. During the last hour of the class, I suffered pain on both of my legs. At that moment, I realized that I have not standing and lecture for that 4 hours straight many moons ago.

But, I enjoyed every moment as long as the students were happy and asking questions. They also did not realized when I actually glanced at my watch wondering when to stop for a break!

Owh! I nearly forgot to share the travelling information as I spent a night at Orange Inn and the charged was rather expensive for that small deluxe room. Thinking the travelling days I had during my attachment with ICCE, the room was cozy and the allowance was not bad. History huh!

Do not feel sad… I am moving forward!!!!



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