My PLKN Trip 3

Our last and closing camp was in Selama, Perak about 52km from Gunung Semanggol. We stopped for lunch at Bagan Serai (I think) and finally reached the camp half an hour before showdown. The event was great even though the rain was pouring heavily. Luckily we have delivered our part before the rain started. The best part was the ‘closing ceremony’ (if I can put it that way), they sang a very nice Malaysian song which I didn’t remember the title of that song. Surely, I will upload the video clip as soon as I learn how to do it on this blog. Hahahaha!

Tegas Mesra PLKN Camp, Selama, Perak
5th October 2013

Ahhhh!! Damn! There were pictures taken but they are with my buddy’s phone. Hmmmm……will try to get those as soon as I can get hold of them.




 I only managed to upload a ‘not even finished’ video during the closing ceremony. All because of my dear Blackberry….
but i have a problem of uploading it here

This is the only picture I have….iskh!


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